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Securing Their Future: Youth Leadership Training Initiative in Ghana

In Ghana, as part of the Empowering Cocoa Households with Opportunities and Education Solutions (ECHOES) program Leadership Africa USA in collaboration with The Tetteh Quarshie Educational Fund (TQEF) has launched a summer youth leadership training program, ‘Securing Their Future: Youth Leadership Training Initiative in Ghana. This pilot leadership program currently enrolls over 250 high school students and teachers administered by Leadership Africa USA is supported by the World Cocoa Foundation and funded by USAID.

Leadership Africa USA’s goal is to provide Ghanaian youth with critical leadership skills to face the challenges and opportunities as they are called on to build their country. Students who participate in this peer-to-peer leadership training initiative will:

  • Learn about the roles and characteristics of a good leader;
  • Explore their own values related to leadership skills;
  • Develop public speaking, verbal communication, and listening skills;
  • Understand the importance of accepting individual differences and differing opinions;
  • Utilize their leadership training skills for public community service projects.

We envision a new generation of young African leaders who are constructively involved in learning and doing and who are mentored by positive adults and peers through leadership training initiatives. Leadership training programs can play an important role in achieving key youth development outcomes such as improved school performance, improved literacy and numeracy skills, active community engagement and future employability. Leadership Africa USA believes effective leadership is fundamental to fostering sustainable growth and development in developing economies.
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