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Rachel Carroll

As an undergraduate Rachel interned with Leadership Africa USA during the summer of 2007.

rachel-carroll Interning with Leadership Africa USA helped Rachel to gain useful professional experiences and administrative skills which have had a significant impact on her curriculum in international community development. She gained additional professional experience in program development, by assisting in the initiatives of Leadership Africa USA, such as South African Model United Nations Conference; areas of international policy through attending the Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health, Congressional Hearings; and by Poverty Roundtables, hosted by the Trade, Aid, & Security Coalition on subjects such as international trade, business, and development with a focus on social justice and sustainability.

Rachel was provided the opportunity to work with amazing professionals including Walker Williams, Founder and President; Shehnaz Rangwala, Program Director; and Susan Birrell, Office Manager in an excellent learning environment and the opportunity to work closely with them on international education programs and initiatives in Africa.

Rachel studied abroad in Ghana the semester following her internship at Leadership Africa USA . She noted that the skills and knowledge she acquired from interning with Leadership Africa USA were valuable assets while studing in Ghana and also for her future career.
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