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Youth Leadership in Conflict Resolution,
Peace Building and Governance

Most Liberian high school students were born at a time when their country was in conflict. Leadership Africa USA’s vision is to assist Liberian students in making informed decisions to improve their own situations in a peaceful and productive way, using leadership training and skills.

Leadership Africa USA – working with the local NGO Alfalit International-Liberia – launched the “Youth Leadership in Conflict Resolution, Peace Building and Governance” program in 2008. It featured an essay competition and a workshop on youth leadership and conflict resolution for high school students. More than 300 high school students from 40 schools in Liberia participated. The level of enthusiasm for our program was reflected in our local participants, who included the U.S. Ambassador to Liberia; the Director of the National Bureau of the Budget for Liberia; government officials from the Ministry of Education, the Minister of Youth and Sport, and the Ministry of Gender and Development; and representatives of the Federation of Liberian Youth. The International Bank of Liberia, Ltd partnered with Leadership Africa USA and donated cash prizes for the 10 essay winners.
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